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The Duke Featured In Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine

Creating a living space with sustainable features is common nowadays, and indeed expected in new developments. However, creating a living space with sustainable features and designed to maximize social interaction is unique to The Duke, a multi-use apartment building in Vancouver developed by Edgar Development and managed by Rhapsody Property Management Services.

In January, The Duke was featured on the cover of SABMag (Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine). Highlighting the unique features of The Duke along with its building performance efficiencies exemplifies the careful execution by Edgar Developments and its partners to erect a building that is highly sought after not only for its artistic finishes but for its sustainable design. Rhapsody believes that paying close attention to the details that uniquely promote sustainable living is what sets The Duke apart, along with its artful finishes.

"Partnering with Edgar Developments to deliver The Duke, and serving the residential community as property managers has truly been a point of pride for Rhapsody," says Rob Martin, Senior Vice President. "Rhapsody exercises responsible stewardship over all properties it manages, and caring for and maintaining those features that improve not only our impact on the environment but also the residential experience is a major part of our mission as a third-party property manager. It is also in our greatest of interests, not only for our current residents but for the lifetime of the building, to continue to maintain and upgrade the components that enhance both human and environmental health."

Since occupancy began in mid-2018, The Duke has come to life in a special way for its residents. Features such as the fully landscaped open-air atrium, rooftop terrace with allotment garden plots for residents, and the incorporation of power and water efficient systems and fixtures all come together to create a structure that promotes interactions with natural elements and other residents. Rhapsody has leveraged the use of all of The Duke's spaces by promoting events that are green-friendly, and ultimately enhance the resident experience – allowing them to appreciate everything they have access to.

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